TS1810: 7-outlet AV Advanced PowerStrip+



The TrickleStar TS1810 7-outlet Audio Visual Advanced PowerStrip+ (AV APS+) provides premium-quality surge protection while reducing active and standby power wasted by home entertainment electronics. The TS1810 features a multi-sensor that monitors user activity and automatically switches off the TV and AV peripheral electronics if no IR remote control activity or motion is detected, saving money by saving energy.


What's in the box:

  • 7-outlet AV Advanced PowerStrip
  • Infrared remote control and motion detecting multi-sensor
  • Instruction booklet

TS1810: 7 Outlet AV Advanced PowerStrip+

Automatically switches off the TV and AV peripheral electronics when not in use

Multi-sensing technology detects user engagement via IR remote control activity and motion

Advanced power measurement and auto-threshold detection ensures compatibility with all TVs

Dual-color flashing LED and optional audible chirp alerts user prior to powering down electronics

Automatically Reduces Power Waste

Active power waste occurs when electronics are left on and no one is using them (for examples when you forget to power off electronics or fall asleep with the television left on). Standby power is energy consumed by electronics that are turned off but still plugged in. The TS1810 reduces both active and standby power in home theater setups by detecting when AV electronics are not being used and turning them off, thereby saving energy and reducing operating costs.

How it Works

The TS1810 features a Multi-Sensor with an adjustable countdown timer that detects infrared (IR) remote control activity and motion to determine whether the TV and electronics are being used. Each time activity is detected, the countdown timer on the sensor resets, extending the viewing time of the connected AV equipment. If no IR remote control activity or motion is detected within the countdown period, the TS1810 automatically powers down the TV and peripheral AV electronics plugged into the switched outlets.

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The Multi-Sensor Difference

Many home entertainment electronics, such as smart televisions, set-top boxes, streaming players, universal remotes, and gaming consoles, use radio-frequency (RF), Bluetooth™, and Wi-Fi®-enabled remotes or smartphone apps instead of infrared (IR) remotes to control electronics. TrickleStar's innovative Multi-Sensor detects both IR remote control activity and motion to monitor activity in the home entertainment environment.

Compared to a traditional IR-only sensor, TrickleStar's multi-sensing technology is proven to significantly reduce unwanted active shutdowns and ensures compatibility with all AV electronics, leading to increased customer satisfaction, usability and prolonged energy savings.

Premium Quality Fireproof Surge Protection

Traditional surge suppression products use standard Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) components. TrickleStar’s surge suppression products incorporate advanced surge protection technology with ceramic-encased MOVs, which are capable of suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than standard MOVs. More importantly, the ceramic casing is fireproof and capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions.

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