Tier 2 Advanced Power Strips - Tier 2 APS

Tier 2 APS

What is a Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip?

A Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip maximizes energy savings by reducing the amount of Active & Standby Power wasted by home AV systems.

A sophisticated sensor monitors user engagement with the AV system, detecting infrared remote control activity and motion. If no activity or motion is detected for a period of time, the Tier 2 APS powers down the TV and electronics plugged into the switched outlets, thereby reducing power waste.

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Tier 2 APS

Benefits of Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips

  • Reduce energy waste
  • No pressure to adapt user behaviour
  • Surge protect electronics

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Motion Sensing
Tier 2 APS with Multi-Sensor

Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip Multi-Sensor

TrickleStar Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips use a patent pending multi-sensor to accurately determine user presence. A multi-sensor senses for infrared remote control activity or occupancy. On DirecTV Tier 2 APS products the multi-sensor also senses for RF remote control commands along with IR and occupancy sensing. IR only sensing Tier 2 APS' frequently switch off mid-viewing experience, leading to high levels of customer frustration, complaints and high de-installation rates. This occurs frequently when watching long movies, using an RF remote control, playing with a gaming console or anything which doesn't generate a regular IR output.

Multi-sensing sensing ensures that the TV and connected devices are only switched off when a user is actually absent. Multi-sensing is a more natural, human type of sensing that requires no change to user behaviour. The end result is virtually no false active shutdowns and a Tier 2 APS that delivers happy customers and long term energy savings.

Tier 2 APS Report

PG&E Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips for Residential AV System Energy Savings Report

The most comprehensive Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip field trial to date and includes a detailed study of the user experience with Tier 2 APS'. Reveals the TrickleStar IR + Occupancy Sensor Tier 2 APS solution produces 3X less incorrect active shutdowns than IR only sensing Tier 2 APS'. The TrickleStar Tier 2 APS ranks significantly higher for user satisfaction on all criteria than competitor products.