Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips - Tier 2 APS

What is a Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip?

A Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip (Tier 2 APS) is a second-generation smart power strip that reduces active and standby power wasted by consumer electronics.

A Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrip features sophisticated control algorithms that monitor user engagement over a period of time and automatically switches off equipment when left on and not in use, thereby maximizing energy savings.

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Benefits of Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips

reduces active energy

Reduces active energy wasted by a primary device when left on and not in use

reduces standby power

Reduces standby power wasted by peripheral electronics

monitor users activity

Monitors user activity and automatically powers down equipment if no activity is detected

protect electronics

Protects connected electronics against surge spikes

Types of Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips

There are currently two types of Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips:

Residential T2 APS

Tier 2 Audio/Visual (AV) Advanced PowerStrip

The residential Tier 2 AV Advanced PowerStrip (Tier 2 AV APS) features a connected sensor with adjustable countdown timer that detects infrared (IR) remote control activity and motion to determine whether the TV and AV peripheral electronics are being used. If no IR remote control activity or motion is detected within the countdown period, the Tier 2 AV APS automatically shuts off the TV and the peripheral electronics (e.g., AV receiver, DVD player, speakers) plugged into the switched outlets.

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Commercial T2 APS

Commercial Tier 2 PC Advanced PowerStrip

The commercial Tier 2 PC Advanced PowerStrip (Tier 2 PC APS) features a highly accurate sensor with an adjustable countdown timer that connects to a computer via USB. Each time the sensor detects movement in the workspace for example, keyboard strokes or mouse movement the countdown timer resets.

If no movement is detected in the workspace during the countdown period, a sleep command is sent to the computer putting the computer and monitor into sleep mode, and power supplied to the peripheral electronics, (e.g., printer, task lamp, speakers, etc.) plugged into the switched outlets is removed.

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