Light Level Sensor PowerStrips

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What is a Light-level Sensor Advanced PowerStrip?

The Light-level Sensor Advanced PowerStrip saves energy by removing and restoring power to the switched outlets based on the status of the lights in the room. This energy-saving advanced power strip is ideal for reducing energy waste from office electronics and appliances, such as photocopiers, printers, shredders, water coolers and vending machines, that only need to be powered on during operating hours.

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Benefits of Light-level Sensor Advanced PowerStrips

Automatically switch off electronics

Automatically removes and restores power supply based on whether lights are on or off

Range of applications

Effective when combined with lighting controls or building energy management systems

Efficiency Program

Provides a reliable and simple method to increase energy savings in a variety of applications

protect electronics

Protects connected electronics against surge spikes

How it Works

Featuring a highly-accurate sensor, the Light-level Sensor Advanced PowerStrip detects light in and around a specific area. When the lights turn off, the power supplied to the switched outlets is removed and electronics are switched off, thereby reducing power wasted by the unused equipment.

Alternatively, when the lights in the room are turned on, power to the switched outlets is restored. Electronic equipment plugged into the always-on outlets continue to receive constant power and are unaffected by the status of the lights.

SensorClick Modular Power Platform

SensorClick is a modular platform that allows users the ability to pair the SensorClick Light-level Sensor with a surge-protected SensorClick Advanced PowerTap or PowerStrip of their choice. The SensorClick line of smart surge protectors include the SensorClick 4-outlet Advanced PowerTap, 7-outlet Advanced PowerStrip, and 12-outlet Advanced PowerStrip, providing users with a variety of options to best suit their needs.