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What is a Tier 2 AV Advanced PowerStrip+?

The Tier 2 Audio Visual Advanced PowerStrip+ (AV APS+) is a second-generation smart surge protector that reduces both active and standby power wasted by home entertainment electronics. In addition to keeping AV electronics safe from damages caused by power surges, the AV APS+ saves energy in two ways:

  • Reduces active power consumed by the television when left on and not in use.
  • Reduces standby power consumed by AV peripheral electronics.

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How it Works

Intended solely for AV home entertainment systems, the Tier 2 AV Advanced PowerStrip+ features an external multi-sensor that monitors activity and user engagement over a period of time.

If no TV remote control activity or motion is detected by the multi-sensor, the AV Advanced PowerStrip+ will automatically switch off the television and simultenously remove power suppllied to AV peripheral electroncis, thereby maximizing energy savings.

The Multi-Sensor Difference

Many home entertainment electronics, such as smart televisions, set-top boxes, streaming players, universal remotes, and gaming consoles, use radio-frequency (RF), Bluetooth™, and Wi-Fi® enabled remotes or smartphone apps instead of infrared (IR) remotes to control electronics. TrickleStar's innovative Multi-sensor detects both IR remote control activity and motion to accurately monitor activity in the home entertainment environment.

Compared to a traditional IR-only sensor, our multi-sensing technology is proven to significantly reduce unwanted active shutdowns and ensures compatibility with all AV electronics, leading to increased customer satisfaction, usability and prolonged energy savings.

PG&E's Emerging Technologies Program Report on Energy Savings of Tier 2 AV APS

This report from Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) explores the energy savings, market potential, customer acceptance, and operational benefits of two types of Tier 2 AV APS technologies, namely TrickleStar's AV APS+ with multi-sensing technology and another manufacturer's Tier 2 AV APS with only IR remote control-sensing technology.

The report shows that the multi-sensing technology found in the TrickleStar AV APS+ reduces the number of unwanted shutdowns by more than three times compared to the IR-only sensing technology. In addition to having higher persistence rates, TrickleStar's product outranks the competition on all measures of customer satisfaction, including overall product satisfaction, likeliness to recommend, and likeliness to purchase another Tier 2 AV APS product.

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