New Affordable Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip

New Affordable Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip

New Affordable Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip For PG&E Contractors

Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip

TrickleStar is pleased to announce a new affordable Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip (APS) designed for PG&E's low-income program direct-install contractors. As with most large-scale utility programs, cost-saving opportunity associated with materials procurement is an integral part of program implementation and direct-install contractor's business operations. In the quest to save money, it is imperative that superior safety features are not sacrificed just to obtain the lowest priced product. With this in mind, TrickleStar has revisited the drawing board and developed an inexpensive Tier 1 APS solution that meets PG&E ESA program specification criteria. The new Tier 1 APS, Model TS1601, includes the reliable and superior safety features that has made TrickleStar the preferred choice of electric utilities, energy efficiency programs, implementation contractors, and energy auditors nationwide.


Tier 1 APS


TrickleStar's latest Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip (APS) model TS1601, provides premium quality surge protection while reducing the amount of standby power consumed by electronics. Standby power, also commonly referred to as vampire power or phantom load, is energy consumed by electronics while they are switched off or in standby mode. The APS cuts standby power loss by shutting off the supply power to peripheral devices (such as the DVD player or printer) when the primary control device (such as a TV or computer) is turned off. The APS has a built-in current sensing circuitry to sense whether the control device (typically a TV or PC) is either on, off, or in a standby state. The APS is easy to install and provides simple automation to reduce standby energy consumption. The APS is suitable for residential and workplace applications.


surge protection

TrickleStar® is the market leader in the APS product category with millions of Tier 1 APS devices installed across TV and PC applications in North America. We are recognized for our product quality, superior safety features, and outstanding customer service.


TrickleStar® APS' incorporates premium fireproof surge protection technology capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. The APS has ceramic encased Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) that suppress more energy and dissipate heat faster than traditional MOVs. In addition to absorbing electrical surges better, fireproof MOVs have better thermal properties and a longer life span that normal MOVs. Selecting to use TrickleStar® fireproof products results in increased safety for your customers alongside minimizing risk for utility programs.


Specification Criteria

There are no industry-standard specifications for smart power strips nor is there a qualified product list for PG&E's low-income energy savings assistance program. Product eligibility is determined by referencing the required specifications for smart power strips outlined in Section 33 of the California Installation Standards Manual (RHA, 2014) as above:

TS1601 Diagram

Tier 1 APS TS1601