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About Us

Who We Are

We manufacture affordable, simple and easy-to-use products, which help everyday people reduce energy consumption in their homes and workplaces.
We lead in the design and manufacture of products that conserve energy, improve people's lives and minimize environmental impact. We are recognized for our product quality, superior safety features and outstanding customer service.
Our award winning power management solutions are the choice of electric utilities, energy efficiency programs, implementations contractors and energy auditors nationwide.
With offices in Malaysia, Denmark and the United States, TrickleStar is taking its products, and its energy conservation message, around the world.
At TrickleStar, we are proving that "going green" can be good for our customers, good for business and good for our planet.

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips
We are the market leaders for Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrips and Tier 2 Advanced PowerStrips.
Our products are the preferred choice of electric utilities, energy efficiency programs, implementation contractors and auditors nationwide.

Our Products  – Doing a World of Good
TrickleStar has developed a unique suite of award winning power management solutions which address the issues of standby power and general plug load.
Through attractive design, and efficient low-cost manufacturing, we have made energy conservation both appealing and affordable for consumers everywhere.
Our products help reduce electricity bills, saving our customers money while reducing their carbon footprints.


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