USB Motion Sensor

USB Motion Sensor

What is a USB Motion Sensor?

TrickleStar USB Motion Sensor is a simple, plug-and-play energy savings device for any PC. The TrickleStar USB Motion Sensor enables PC users to minimise energy usage by ensuring a PC is automatically switched to Sleep Mode when not in use. Unlike an operating system's power management settings which can be difficult and confronting for users to find, understand and setup, the TrickleStar USB Motion Sensor simply plugs into any USB port and automatically switches the connected PC into Sleep Mode when it detects the user is away from their PC. It does this without the need to change existing operating system settings or to install any additional software.

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Benefits of USB Motion Sensor

  • Saves energy and reduces operating cost
  • Simply installed in less than one minute
  • No additional software or drivers
  • No operating system setup changes required
  • Maximum savings, minimal intrusion
  • Low energy, passive device
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How USB Motion Sensor work

How does it work?

The USB Motion Sensor is a simple to install and operate.
  • It just plugs into any computer USB port and requires no drivers, applications or operating system changes.
  • When the user is away from their desk, it automatically puts the computer into sleep mode.
  • It augments operating system based energy setting or 3rd party energy management applications.

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